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17 Insights About Life That’ll Change the Way You See the World


With all changes technology has brought, man has finally realized the miracle that he is living. And he has put this into facts. Like, for instance, shouldn’t he be thankful that just by touching his telephone in the right places he can order a pizza at his own door in a matter of just minutes? Or the fact that Internet has given him the opportunity to see more naked women than all of his ancestors combined? This and other great insights on life are right here:

(Source: Ebaum’s World)

  • Mark Daniel Johansen

    Some of these were mildly amusing, but I’m pretty sure they did not “change the way I see the world”. How come so many web pages have titles like “10 amazing facts that will change your life” that turn out to be more like “10 mildly interesting facts that will help divert your attention from how boring your job is for a few minutes”.