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32 Facts That’ll Open Your Mind To The Truth

Hard Truths That Will Give You Something to Think about Wildammo (9)

This will open your eyes. Exclusive! You’ve been lied all your life and now here lies the answer. Stop being so afraid to face the truth. Take a moment to step out of the Matrix and set your mind free. This information changes everything, the way you were perceiving the world and everyone around you. It might not be easy to take, but it’s all wrapped up here, waiting for when you want to become aware. The choice is yours… or not.

  • er

    liberal bs

  • moleshired

    Agree. Waste of valuable time to earn cash.

  • Tim Cohen

    There is a problem with this cartoon. Use of tobacco and alcohol and getting obese are something an individual chooses. Getting Obola is not a voluntary option and it has an 80% death rate.

  • Joshua Thirteen

    then substitute cancer, auto accidents, AIDS, or a whole list of other diseases and dangers we face and fail to panic about.

  • rdcress

    The last one is liberal bs for sure. There’s a major difference between a good ole’ country girl with her bible and AR and the radical muslim with an AK and a Koran. The radical muslim is out killing people who don’t agree. The country girl is out drinking beer with the boys and talking trash about the libs.

    The problem is not all muslims are out killing infidels but that the vast majority of muslims are doing nothing to stop the ones that are. Where are the leaders calling for an end to jihad??? Liberals are so emotional and shallow when they look at these issues. That’s obvious by these contrived memes.

  • a


  • JwrKy

    That one about not being pro-life is a load of bullsh!t. What makes these liberal @$$hats think that somebody is only pro-birth is beyond me. Why bother being pro-birth if you aren’t going to go the whole way and house, feed, and care for the children as well?

  • mrnoname

    This whole thing is a stupid load of libtard crap.

    It sounds like something a 3 year old would pull from their butt.