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32 More Fascinating Facts To Boost Your Brain Power

32 Interesting Facts To Entertain Your Brain Wildammo (17)

So here we have some random facts and a couple of them, at least, are about cows. Apparently if you’re a cow you’ll love listening to Mariah Carey and even produce more milk because of it. And a different type of cow is perhaps a woman that attends the MTV Movie Awards with Brad Pitt and then dumps him for someone else. Last, but not least, we have a delirious statement from the most famous cowboy of all times, John Wayne, in regards to Native Americans.

(Source: Ebaum’s World)

  • Leo60

    Sort of makes him an Idiot. Don’t you agree?

  • Masterofnone

    Franklin D. Roosevelt not Teddy as pictured. Amateurs.

  • Bill Cornwall

    Just because you can play concert piano doesn’t mean you can pass a driver’s test.