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This Story Of A Man Who Needed A Kidney Will Inspire You To Never Give Up

The Story of a Man Who Desperately Needed a Kidney but Never Gave Up (13 pics) Wildammo (13)

So you thought you really need that Xbox game, Apple device or whatever you didn’t really have the money for. You almost felt as if your life was meaningless without a particular gadget that would so well fit in with your needs and habits. Well, whenever you have this sort of problem again, to make it easier for you, think about this guy who really needed a kidney to be able to go on normally with his life. And whilst not having it yet, he did tons of stuff instead of whining.

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  • Lovenia Johnson

    Since Dick Cheney & Carrol Shelby used power & money to get new hearts after they were older than God I’m not an organ donor.The rich 1%ers take everything else so don’t give them your body.