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15 Horrifying Medieval Weapons We’re Glad Are No Longer Used.


Humans have always been inventive when it comes to new ways of killing their fellow humans. Or, as they can temporarily be called, enemies. A good question would in fact be if the first blade ever was used for hunting purposes or to kill another human being. From the passion invested in the development of lethal weapons and from their diversity, I can only have growing doubts whether the first men were more preoccupied with eating, or killing their brothers first, so they can eat more afterwards. Sure, the methods of killing seen in these pictures here are really extreme, dating mostly from medieval times. I mean, they don’t say for nothing ‘I’m gonna go medieval on your a**!’, do they?’

  • Jester of the Apocalypse

    The hot oil attack could be blunted by the use of thick animal hides, very tight wrapping of layers and shields as siege fighters tried to breach walls. But in one battle of Alexander the Great on the ocean island of Tyre, the defenders heated up big cauldrons of sand until it was incandescent, and in the winds (so as to drop sideways, negating the attacker’s overhead protection), dropped these off the walls. What didn’t light soldiers on fire, the tiny red-hot granules filtered through their armor’s cracks and crevices, causing unbearable pain on the skin.

    Imagine every grain of sand causing a 3rd degree burn and blister. Now imagine having thousands of these covering your face and body.

    And that, my friends, is one of the reasons Alexander let his men slaughter and rape the entire city, and what was left over (which wasn’t much) was sold into slavery.

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    Caltrops are still used to this day by the US military in Afghanistan even. Check your facts idiot.