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You’ll Never Thank Extinction Enough After Seeing These Horrifying Ancient Creatures


Well blind me, God! Just like the Night Watch killed one of the last giants in the Game of Thrones, throughout history humans or maybe just nature itself has made some beautiful and strong creatures go extinct. Sure, most of these probably had very few contact or no contact ever with humanity, but had they still been existent species, they would probably be hunted and tortured specifically because of their ferocity. Because, as we all know the modern men that we’ve become, eradication is our natural cowardly response to any sort of natural savagery that we don’t understand. ┬áIt does make you think, too, since these splendid and powerful creatures used to dominate the planet and now have disappeared, it would be only logical we suffer the same consequences eventually. And by the way, we probably look just as hideous and scary to a squirrel as these do to us.

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    I think we might thank Noah that he didn’t pick up any of these to take along.