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30 Convenient Ideas You Never Knew You Wanted. #6 Would Be Brilliant.

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Reddit’s r/CrazyIdeas and r/Lightbulb subreddits are full of ideas that would surprisingly make this world a more convenient place unlike some other suggestions you may find in the comments. Here we have 30 of the more clever ones. Which one of these would benefit you the most?

(Via: Reddit)

  • Mark Daniel Johansen

    The solar-powered AC for your car has been done. At least years ago someone was selling a solar-powered fan that fit into a car window. One of those products that I intended to buy and kept intending until they were no longer selling them.

  • jennj99738

    Number 8, the solar-powered AC is already in the Prius with the solar roof. It can’t completely cool your car but does keep it ventilated.

  • Sam

    Number 10 – already exists. The building I reside in has it.

  • Old_Redneck_Cowboy

    Number nine, the paper punch.

    Most paper punches already have a hole a person can see through as a guide, it’s just a matter of turning the punch over.

  • DayTripper

    You can make a solar powered air conditioner yourself. Youtube had several video’s on how to do it. It’s really primative, but would work if you really wanted to go through the effort. Until something better comes along…..

  • DayTripper

    The one I have has a measurement guide so you put the next hole even with the previous. I thought they all had that feature. hmm.. This is very cool too though, if you can trust your eye. It’s definitely snazzy looking.

  • DayTripper

    I remember these fans too, but they just blew hot air around or sucked hot air out of the car. Either way, you’re still left with hot air, just circulating hot air. :)

  • Zevion

    #23 already invented

  • Miguel

    Number 30 already exists in Portugal and it was “invented” by an american, Hunter Halder, living in Lisbon. The project name is Refood and delivers more than 1,000 meals a day to the needy in the Lisbon area.