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15 Photos That Convey The Real Meaning Of Evil. Though, #6 Is Nefariously Brilliant!

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There are some things you wouldn’t do even to your worst enemies. Here are a few things done by humans you may want to stay away from and also cats who are definitely planning your demise.

  • lidex

    …and the guy in front of him is picking his nose

  • Wendy Nelson

    That $100.00 bill thing I think is mean….. I would call that company and ask them if they think its funny tricking people?? Then explain to them why I would NEVER use their services because if they want to trick people here… what else do they do to deceive others??

  • Thurmond

    Just hold the glass in #1 over the sink…

  • Thomas Ramsey

    #1 you just pick up the whole saucer and glass, flip it over, and that’s all there is to that. You can do this at home. Take a glass, put a plate on top and turn the whole thing upside down in on movement.