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14 Fast Food Items You’ll Never Order Again After Hearing These Employee Stories

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Fast food usually doesn’t taste good and we all know it isn’t good for you. It is simply something you eat to live instead of living to eat. As bad as fast food is, there are some that are horrifically worse. Listen to these 14 stories and you just may never want to go in these “restaurants” ever again, if you can even call them that…

  • Good thing there aren’t any from In-N-Out or Carl’s Jr.

  • Jessie Reyes

    Why are people so shocked to find out that most of the food at restaurants were pre-packaged and frozen?

  • Tigerclaw1

    KFC is owned by Pepsi, so I don’t know who staged this photo or what restaurant’s sandwich they used.

  • Jayno

    This is stupid, everyone knows fast are made to be fastly cooked and deliver. So frozen and packaged food are necessary, that’s why they’re cheaper than restaurant. Dumb post.

  • Jayno

    This is stupid, everyone knows fast food are made to be cooked and deliver quickly. So frozen and packaged food are necessary, that’s why they’re cheaper than restaurant. Dumb post.

  • P. Alex Kenlon

    #11 is pure horse pucky. As popular as the Wendy’s chilli is, there is no way in the world that scraping the grill top would produce enough meat to supply the demand for it.

    It’s made in a factory, it’s frozen, it’s thawed in store and it’s not made fresh…but it’s not grill scrapings.

  • dlcl

    90% of this is complete bullshit made up by disgruntled employees or people who just like to cause drama.

  • josh

    No its not grill scrapings but what they said is its the old patties that have been on the grill too long. They boil them and chop them up.


    i worked at KFC for 5 years the BBQ sandwich is bullshit, all that happens is the chicken that is not sold THAT DAY is pulled apart and turned into sandwiches it is not a month old that is probably just some bitchy little bitch who has something against KFC. the sandwiches are one of the few things i would trust from even a shady looking KFC.

  • Monkey Brains

    I’ve worked in fast food for a while and I can honestly say that most of these are probably true, I’ve seen far worse. But honestly… It’s fast food, what the hell do you expect. If you go out expecting good, hot and especially healthy food from a fast food place then you’re touched in the head.

  • Buck

    This list is bullshit, do some fucking research before you trust the work of some disgruntled employees.

  • Matt

    No, its not. It’s pre packaged frozen in bags. the bags get boiled to “cook” the chili then it’s put in the warmer. It sells out every day,

  • Kent

    As for #14 I also worked in two separate dunkin donuts. The night staff made everything fresh. I’m not saying this because I liked them either, that job sucked but the donuts didn’t.

  • Tim

    I worked there for 2 years and made chili everyday its the burgers that have expired from being able to sell fresh as a burger. They are put in a heating drawer then bagged when its full then frozen. Some days it was even old just straight fresh because we didnt have any old. Even so the “old” burgers are fresher than any other fast food place seeing how that meat is never frozen until being saved for chili.

  • Gregory J. Toma

    In-N-Out is legit, but rest assured that Carl’s and Burger King are just as bad if not worse, then McDonald’s or Wendy’s.

    And Slurpee is only found at 7-eleven, not gas stations. Those are Icee’s, or some other generic frozen beverage. Slurpee machines are thoroughly cleaned twice a day, and from the inside out, at least twice a month. So back off Slurpees. They are the greatest invention in the history of consumer beverages.

  • SBM_from_LA

    I think a lot times when something tastes bad… it’s a result of the restaurant itself. I remember once I went a Carl’s Jr during my lunch break and ordered a burger and fries…. and the fries were simply horrible. They were old, stale and dried out. My first bite I could tell they simply reheated an old batch.

    I think my absolute worse food experience came from a Del Taco in Riverside. I drove out there to spend the weekend with my girlfriend at the time and the food I ordered made me so sick. About an hour after I ate it, I began to have severe chills and a pains in my abdomen. So I’m assuming something was either spoiled or contaminated in my order. Fortunately, no one else was affected.

  • No Life

    Nothing will stop me from getting my Slurpee.