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You’ll Never Want to Eat Nutella Again After Seeing This (28 PICs)

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Bacon, Doritos, beer, ice cream, chips, dips, and deep fried lard! Mmmm all sounds absolutely delicious. Until you look in the mirror and throw it all up. Don’t be like these 28 individuals who went crazy with eating. Moderation is key here folks…

  • WordToYourMother

    Some of them actually look better with a few extra pounds. Bigger tits! Gotta love ’em!

  • Cassandra Christian

    BMI is not necessarily a good method of measuring obesity. It does not account for the weight of muscle. Someone could have a BMI that is considered “overweight,” but just have a lot of muscle and be short. A person who is 155 pounds at 5’3 with no significant muscle tone is very different than someone who is the same height and weight with muscle, and yet they have the same BMI.

  • NES

    OBJECTIONABLE. This article is nothing short of unjustifiably mean. Not that being mean is ever justified, but what did any of these people do to deserve this kind of disrespect? I would like to see picture of the author and/or publisher and anyone else who was involved in putting this shit online. You better be model perfect or you should be shamed publicly as well. Even if you are gorgeous, you have proved that inside you are EXTREMELY UGLY!!!

  • epoqua

    The Obesity Epidemic in the US is a scam run by predatory corporations in complicity with the FDA. We have no one else to thank but the FDA for allowing corporations to sell chocolate flavored sugar. Sugar in all its forms and disguises, is pushed down our throats via approval of our very own FDA. As are many, many other substances that are making us sick and killing us. It is also (in my opinion) another unintended consequence of the so called free market (wild wide west) economy.

    On a most generic picture, Nutella here signifies a bigger shift in culture. Nutella is no doubt fattening (everybody knows that). The cultural shift that is very present in americans is that we now see food as a renewable and never ending resource. We don’t treat food for what it is, a source of energy, but we eat for pleasure and entertainment, which is right down morbid as many have suggested.

  • Justin

    What proof do you have this is all because of Nutella? And why are you only focusing on women? I’m a guy, and when I was 18, I was in decent shape. Around 200 pounds. Five years and a lot of junk food later, I’m 250. Give me some real facts, or stop flashing pics of overweight women thinking it’s going to scare people into not eating Nutella.

    Because I don’t care what you tell me, I’m eating this goddamn Nutella.

  • TJL

    It’s so sad when beautiful women let their bodies go all funhouse mirror like that. Don’t understand how people can just let themselves go like that.

  • TJL

    Fat should be shamed. This “big is beautiful” crap isn’t helping anyone

  • TJL

    Really, bigotry is a bigger problem than obesity? Substantially more people are injured or killed by their obesity than from racially motivated crimes.

    Also isn’t it sexist to claim all successful men have a small penis?

  • TJL

    You don’t need a PhD to know carrying around 70lbs of excess fat isn’t healthy

  • lolnope

    eff off fatty. Looks like this struck a little too close to home eh?

  • cheeta

    No, This isnt what human beings should look like. They should be normal weight. Enough said.

  • rebeca agoiz

    How about the good time the had eating pizza, burgers and cookies? I know obesity is a danger to a health, and we should control what we eat, but honestly, obsessing and starving yourself to look like a barbie is just as unhealthy. For thousands of years, before the XX century women were consider beautiful when they had some meat to add to their bones.

    Moreover, they are people who are naturally skinny, and those who are naturally curvy. The important things is that they feel happy with their bodies, and take care of their health.