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22 Celebrities Before and After Their Photoshop Makeover

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Photoshop makes quite a big difference on virtually anything and with celebrities always wanting to put on a good appearance you just know their magazine cover shots are heavily photoshopped! Here we have 22 before and after shots of your favorite celebrities. Surprised?

  • Jack Hernandez

    they did not need to photoshop Scarlett Johanson or Emma Watson

  • mzmz2z

    Kristen Stewart looks better in the before

  • mzmz2z

    Katy Perry needs skin help STAT, that is ridic

  • TiVoMan

    I’m sorry, but Rachel McAdams NEVER looks bad to me! She has the most gorgeous smile, the cutest nose, and the most beautiful eyes of anyone I have ever seen! Even her little moles are attractive.
    Of course, I am in love with her,……… isn’t everyone?

  • TiVoMan

    Yes, their before and after photos remind me of the very last stages of my eye exams—–is this one better, or is this one better. Ah…both.

  • Neteru

    fake post. i know lots of pictures from here that is the original aired version, and you made up the “photoshopped” version…

  • mmsdesigns

    Let’s face we would look better Photoshopped. LOL

  • maratt

    the after photos are photoshoped

  • AbsolutGrndZer0

    Yeah Emma is just naturally amazing.

  • Travis

    Amazing that the “before” and “after” are exactly the same pose without the slightest deviation. More like you tried to photoshop them ugly to prove your point.

  • Lori


  • Lori

    I’d love it, a pic for after I die, no before and after there! Only the good stuff, that’s how I want to be remembered!

  • George G. Simmonds

    Don’t care I still want to bone them.

  • George G. Simmonds

    Emma is a goddess. I don’t always stalk celebrities but when I do it is Emma Watson.