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21 Genius Inventions For People Who Love To Eat

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We all need to eat to survive, but some of us just love eating. What makes eating even more lovable than these genius inventions? Some of these even helps speed up the cooking process so you get to eat the prepared dish even quicker! Om nom nom!

  • brandezi84

    The sun/cloud egg thing is amazing! Great idea!

  • Dawn Irvin

    Most of the slideshows REALLY need to have more info. What is some of this stuff (what is it called, where can you get it, etc.)?

  • annon

    the one with the tray on the steering wheel is retarded… what about when you turn the wheel?

  • Yo

    #16 is how SpongBob organizes the ingredients for a Krabby Patty.

  • Polly C

    when eating at Sonic etc. the steering wheel tray would be perfect.

  • Smarterthananon

    sad you can’t come up with another word. do you actually know what it means? apparently not or you would find another more fitting word to use. Using it in the wrong context only makes you sound stupid.