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28 Convicts You Wouldn’t Mind As A Registered Sex Offender

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Registered sex offenders are everywhere. Whether they were just caught peeing in public or doing the unspeakable, people tend to be cautious around them. However, these 28 lucky individuals probably don’t receive a lot of complaints.

  • victim69

    three words: Nirvana / Rape Me … ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • teddyspaghetti

    They all look so trashy…me gusta. :3

  • UrAllIdiots

    It says convicts you wouldnt mind as….not that they ARE.

  • Blaack Funch

    They all skanky and grouse, ugly cunts. Wtf faggots?

  • Mo

    #3….please rape me….:)

  • SeaFox

    Some of them are teachers! Most of them look drunk!

  • Cardiff Lad

    Number 7 had sex with her teen son.

  • Joseph Gonzalez

    i’m only offended by the fact that none of their salacious crimes weren’t perpetrated against me. what am i, burnt toast? i’m right here, ladies. vulnerable and discreet. holla!

  • r0g0

    #19 is lights out. Got dang! what a hottie good god.


    You’ve missed it. The headline doesn’t say ANY of them are sex offenders. Just that no one would mind if they were.

  • Ktel

    So let me get this straight, we should mind that they’re sex offenders because they’re white women??? Caucasians never cease to amaze me with their audacious BULLS#IT!!!!

  • Bobloblaw67

    I’m pretty sure they arent sex offenders. These girls should sue for defamation.

  • adam walsh

    I like ur idea.i have to regi for LIFE bcuz i DREW A PICTURE that was later discoverd by a vindictive relative

  • robruckus

    huh I went to highschool with number 18 pretty sure she isnt a sex offender unless she got busted having sex in a public place…

  • Keith Smith

    Truth. But the number is more like 90% of “the so-called sex offenders didn’t do a fucking thing wrong…” That other 10% we should be worried about are mostly in Prison. 95% of the total will never re-offend because, big surprise, proper therapy seemed to play a part in curing these so-called “incurables” Isn’t that the same attitude we had when we filled asylums up with people that had issues that we consider minor today, yet we still destroyed them as human beings. Damn, how we never learn. Hey, we should take a lesson from Germany. They refuse to have any kind of registry, because they lived through everything that is wrong with them under Hitler.

  • Keith Smith

    Why? It’s only 3 years difference. They would both be teenagers. Any Romeo and Juliet Law states it’s legal because they are both under 18 and they are 4 years or less apart in age. It would just be a situation of a Junior dating a Freshman, both still in High School and the oldest still would have another year left. Sorry, plenty of reasons why a 17 year old can date a 14 year old. How could it possibly bean issue, because these relationships have been going on for ages, even through recent history, without any issues except for bad breakups until this sex offender campaign made it an issue. I raised a daughter successfully as a single father and even I can see there is no issue in this type of relationship unless someone is really uptight..

  • Chenx

    They all seem to be smiling. None of photos convey any sense of inner guilt or remorse.

  • MollyMcGuier

    My 8th grade Spanish teacher was so HOTTTTT…. I was in HS and working as a parking lot attendant for a ladies upscale dress store…. Ms. “P” recognises me and we get to talking… That started a 3 year secret tryst… She taught me how to talk to girls, how to treat a girl, and certainly how to please a girl.. She cut me nearing the end of my senior year…. FF to 25 and we meet again…. We share our last night together in a hotel LEGALLY…. She told me that i walked away… She was right…. She even tried apologizing.. I stopped her…. There are few things I would ever trade those memories for….

  • MollyMcGuier

    I liked being molested

  • MollyMcGuier

    I was busted down on bourbon street, for peeing like a drunkin freak… Neck all full of mardi gras beads……. What a long———- strange trip it’s been!!!!!

  • MollyMcGuier

    NO THEY ARE NOT!!! I entered into a no strings attached sexual relationship with my spanish teacher when I was in 10th grade… I only have fond memories…

  • MollyMcGuier

    yep, the 14yo was too mature for him

  • MollyMcGuier

    I had a good female sex offender.. She gave me many opportunities to bow out.. I bowed in… To that pussy that is….

  • ๋จน์—ฟ

    youre a sex offender if you pee in public? fuck u