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40 Differences Between Men vs Women

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We all have our differences, but sometimes men and women just seem to do things the same way over and over. These stereotypes exist for a reason and here we have examples of the 40 most common. What do you think, true or false?

  • Real Talk

    Slide 3 are you kidding me? A normal woman has to work much harder than a man to burn the same amount of fat. Men take off weight so much easier than women because we are made to store fat for having babies. It’s not just about not eating like a hippo every day…but that does help…

  • Bob Sanders

    Stop making excuses and stop eating like a hippo

  • Visitor March 2014

    Slide 11… At the same age as is the picture of man… Woman would show her tits at her knee level!!!!

  • Visitor March 2014

    Slide 16… Women expect too much for Oral Sex… And they are not worth it!!!! A good fuck for woman will end in Oral Sex and they will do nicely!!!

  • andy

    a good looking women shouldn’t have a six-pack. Women need to be fit. Men need to be strong, agile, and fit.

  • cuteness

    Shut up. You males hardly have to take care of yourselves. Us women need to take a lot better care of ourselves. Pigs..

  • Rob

    The “I have nothing to wear” slides do not accurately portray how bad women are about clothes. I have, several times, had a girlfriend go out shopping with her girlfriends, come home with a couple of very nice brand new outfits, and then – when it is time to go out for supper on that same f*cking day – complains that she has nothing to wear.

  • At slide 24 it looks like it says girls are easily frightened and are scared by a tiny insect I’m a girl and I’m not like that.

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  • LoL Stacker

    you seen how much time men spend in the gym, we have higher potential for muscle mass and work harder to achieve it, balancing cardio and muscle building along with lots of proteins and such, but it is quite similar i suppose

  • gaming

    men: love women and have fun with them
    women: hate men and post thinks like those