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32 Victims of Fast Food and Big Macs

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The saying you are what you eat goes a long way. Just like Big Macs, eating them will turn you into a “Big Mac”. Here we have 32 photos of people who have suffered just that same fate. Check it out and remember, you can always hit the gym to change it!

  • galeus canis

    that’s no dog on the leash~!

  • Rahmblows

    Victims? WOW! The food attacked them? Weird.

  • mommy2500


  • Ray Mendez

    this is not McDo…this is at Subway…(first pic)

  • Chris

    Not much different.

  • Robin

    This article and especially the pictures are a thinly veiled disguise to exploit obese people.

  • billy131274

    The obese should be mocked for the pigs they are