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People Who Looks Exactly The Same In Every Photo (22 GIFs)

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We all have that one pose we typically do in photos but very few have the skill to look almost identical in each one. In this gallery we have collected 22 GIF animations of individuals who look almost unchanged from picture to picture. Crazy?

  • Rocky Skelton

    Dear dumbass who made this website. Maybe put that little X thingy in the annoying advertisements that cover the articles. Kind of hard to see thru them bucko

  • Scott Vater

    Maybe they look the same because they’re…the same person? I mean, I don’t know about you, but it’s not like I use a different smile or face for every picture I take…this is stupid.

  • Johnny C

    #11 is TERRIFYING! She’s going to eat our souls!

  • Bunnyshotmommy

    Number 5 and number 11 are creepy as shit

  • jupiterthunder

    The poses are nearly perfect duplicates as well. Some people have a go-to pose for their photos. You see that being exemplified in quite a few of these.