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18 Cute Girls Gone Ugly

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Women are beautiful and cheeky. However, they have the power to determine their looks the way they want. A hot voluptuous blonde can look like a drunken pig if she likes to pose in certain way. Yes, its possible. Take a look at the pictures, and check out the contrast of the picture at left side to the one at the right side. You will definitely go through a hard time identifying the same woman on both different pictures.

  • Sam Kunz

    WOW. Who was picking the cute girls? Several were ugly in both shots LOL….I’d say all 18 of them actually

  • TheAnonymous78

    Your obviously gay.

  • Sam Kunz

    If you insult me, I do ask that you use proper grammar :-) It’s YOU’RE. Though I doubt your IQ can understand that last insult :-)

  • TheAnonymous78

    I’m a bit southern, gay guy.

  • TheAnonymous78

    Look Paw, a gay!

  • TheAnonymous78

    Oh, Im just playing any the way, calm down, didn’t mean anything by it, your not gay, you just have bad eyes man. Hugs?

  • Sam Kunz

    Actually I am gay….I was only being a bitch on that post LOL Still friends? and I live below the Mason Dixon line and I am a southerner. Gay and Republican. So…Friends?

  • TheAnonymous78

    You doggone right buddy! Lets hug it out.

  • Lana

    SO I guess your just a moron who gets off on insulting women. Idiot.

  • William Bruce Wilhite

    My mother used to go through these conniption fits. She was quite scary.

  • Skelephant


  • #6 and #10 began ugly and got uglier, therefore they do not count.

  • whyooooooooooooo

  • Zahra

    salam. first, all creatures are beatifull!!! second, i think they are more beatifull even in mind cuz it seems you have an ugly mind. bye

  • williechii

    They have to control your diet and do more exercise.

  • A ugly girl never be the first choice by a man. So every one wants to be slim and smart. This very word matter that when they become a very fat and day by day they fell very uneasy for that.