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25 Bizarre Facts That’ll Just Leave You Even More Curious

25 Bizarre yet true Some interesting facts you must know (25)

Two eyes are enough for looking at the ordeals of the world; imagine having a set of 8 eyes. Have you ever thought that sex could help reduce hiccups? Or if a living creature can multi-task with the mouth, by breathing as well as excreting the dung? What about the time when people are most happy on Saturday evenings? Probably not… but go through this gallery and prepared to be bedazzled.


  • whoa

    There is an elephant in that picture?

  • Mike F Di

    most of these are complete crap..

  • Ryan


  • This list is Crap

    Anthony Hopkins blinks in virtually every scene he is in in Silence of the Lambs.
    What a stupid list.

  • julien

    Great Britain invaded 90% of the world’s countries. You wish.

  • Duffnick

    A little research shows most of these are untrue.

  • Joshua Thirteen

    in the course of their history they did. In addition to the huge British empire there were a lot of big and little wars over the centuries.

  • Joshua Thirteen

    it’s Gilligan’s Island with the seven deal sins, not spongebob. Howell greed, Gilligan sloth, Skipper gluttony, Professor pride, etc. That’s confirmed by the creator