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17 False Theories That Hits You Right in the Childhood

17 The Crazy, Stupid Childhood Theories (17)

A stupidity runs in our veins right from the childhood and carries on until the adolescent age. The theories nurtured by children are sometimes too unreal, but that’s what makes them interesting. A condom is mistaken for balloon, spinach becomes the food of lovers since it’s eaten by Popeye. Many of such crazy, stupid theories make childhood a happening lot in a person’s life. Mentioned in the post are some of those crazy theories invented by children over the time. What do you think?

  • moleshire

    When I was little my grandfather took my brother and I for drives on the mountain in the back of his pickup truck. He would watch us in the mirror and when we were not looking, toss candies in the back. He told us it came from the candy trees. Funny thing is I never saw one of the trees.

  • hellobob

    when i was little i used to believe that condoms were things that babies came

    from. when i found the real reason i hid in my kitchen’s cupboard for like 3 hours because of how dumb i felt for making all those arguments with my friends when they were right all along, in retrospect i feel like that was one of the funnier moments of my life.

  • Maline

    “Hits you right in the childhood”? Could someone translate into English?

  • MCPoole

    Me and my older brother convinced our youngest brother that you were only supposed to have one testicle. For a while, he was rather upset.

  • Deej27

    I took my son for his first eye exam. I jokingly told him that the eye doctor had to stick a needle into his eye and take out some eye fluid. This is how they test your eyes to determine whether or not you need glasses. When the doctor started looking into his eyes tears started welling up and he broke down in tears. I felt so bad that he actually believed me. It took several minutes, and quite a bit of confirming that absolutely no needles would be involved, for him to finally calm down and continue with the eye exam. It has been years later and I still feel terrible that I scared him so badly.

  • Derek Wayne Hebert

    When I was a kid I remember my babysitter telling me that she was going to take me to what sounded like “Worms” and “then we could go eat.” (it was probably some funny sounding last name and not actually “worms”) and I cried and threw a fit and wouldn’t go because I thought they meant they were going to make me eat worms. Turns out it was just a tuxedo rental place where I was going to be fitted for a wedding and we were going to obviously go eat at a restaurant afterwards lol. Idk why I thought they would make me eat worms, but I was convinced this was what was going happen and I was terrified. lol

  • Vanessa

    When I was in first grade my best friend Elizabeth told me that both of her parents had gone blind from watching TV too close to the TV screen. From then on I was terrified of sitting too close and I felt so bad for my friend to have not one, but two parents that were blind. I often wondered how they were able to drive to pick her up from school.