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21 Most Emotional Photos Caught on Camera

Riot Breaks Out After Game In Vancouver

Pictures are generally said to be worth a thousand words. Sometimes, they can be worth much more when there is so much emotions revealed by someone. In this gallery we present 21 individuals showing their emotions during tragedy, love, and everyday feelings. Check it out and here’s a tissue beforehand.

  • pile

    She has nice ass :)

  • Marsha Couturier

    it would be nice if there was a description, what about these pictures is emotional?? what’s the story behind them>??

  • frank

    He was a vietnam war veteran. The tank (which is already used as a display) was the one he used all through out the war.

  • Marcello Jesus

    not vietnam, but soviet soldier in 1941-1945. this foto took in moscow

  • Marcello Jesus

    foto #16. Son and drunk father.

  • Marcello Jesus

    foto #21 He found his dog after tornado

  • Stewart Lynch

    This was photo was taken in Vancouver BC, Canada during the Stanley Cup Hockey riots when the Vancouver Canucks lost in the 7th and final game of the series

  • reez

    yeah this is dumb with no explanations. whoever owns this site should take this down and clean it up and re-post.

  • The only one

    It was taken during a strike in Europe ,that’s his gf she was badly wounded and couldn’t move so the guy was just trying to comfort and give her hope. That’s the simple story behind the picture.

  • jjcapecod

    THIS WOULD BE GREAT W/OUT ALL THE POP-UP-ADS and cutlines explaining the photos.

  • Jerry G.

    If I remember this story correctly:

    This picture made new headlines around the world! The man is from Australia, and he was in Vancouver visiting his girlfriend.

    They were walking on the streets in the Vancouver down-town centre, and were not aware there was a riot going on until they got too close to it. The Police were throwing tear-gas, fight back at the protesters, and making arrests. To protect his girlfriend he put her down on the ground and went on top of her. This made headlines around the world.

    In the end she went to Australia and married him…!

  • Kykysha

    2 girls hugging in front of a laptop. Obviously emotional…They both discovered their love for girls? Any kind of back story, or just post shit it looks relevant and leave it up to us to research the back story?