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Special Effects Makeup: 16 Almost Indistinguishable Celebs


With great makeup comes great responsibilities… sometimes. For everything else there’s just a bad movie. However many of these actors’ makeup is so overwhelming you probably had no idea who the celebrity playing that character even was! But don’t worry, in this gallery we have unveiled themselves for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

  • adsfadsfasfddasfadsf

    ugh Arnold is the most distinguishable. I would exclude him from this list.

  • Name

    Well why dont you make your own fucking list

  • Markus

    Wow…that escalated quickly.

  • Jester

    I thought for sure Tim Curry as the Devil in ‘Legend’ would be in here . . .

  • Angie McGrane

    LOL Benicio Del Toro looks the same. I just think the second pic he forgot to shave.