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22 Concerning Examples of the Power of Makeup

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Sure makeup can make you look pretty if applied in moderation or stunningly beautiful if overly done. While looking great is well… great, but when you naturally look horrifying, it may come at a big surprise to that guy you just met last night. Here are 22 examples of women who looks extremely hot but be weary of the secret beneath the surface!

  • tingohingo

    Looks like someone has been eating some bacon, wow.

  • confused

    9, 14, 18 and probably a couple more are most definitely dudes NOT  “examples of women who looks extremely hot”
    i don’t know why this even exists

  • adamcolon

    This is why men have one night stands… not because we’re shallow… but because you’re lying to us with paint!!

  • debasser

    Some of these are fake.  There is no way #17 is the same person, nose is completely different.

  • EgoLess

    look closely at her eyes and at the shape of her face; they’re the same. Her nose is different probably because it was fixed up in photoshop.

  • Esmeralda

    Yeah, but if we weren’t, you won’t even notice us… What can I do if I’m f*cking ugly? Paint myself with make up.
    (I’m complaining not about your one night stands, I’m okay with that, but about your feeling to be offended by womens’ lies…) would you prefer to f*ck ugly girl or painted girl? Your desicion here, sir…

  • adamcolon

    Honest response: Neither.
    But attraction isn’t just about physical beauty.

    Lying, whether in words or visual deception, never ends well.

  • Esmeralda

    attraction isn’t just physical beauty?! Then, come to non-make-uped girl who is being bullied by everybody and ask her something. You’ll see, how beautiful she is inside (no sarcasm)… Go on, sir!
    PS: Take on notice others’ reaction too. They will bully you for having such a girlfriend… Or maybe I just forgot that I live in Russia… non important.

  • Allyssa

    Unless they have a tool that applies Photoshop irl, I’m not worried about it. Yea these pictures had girls with make up on but that’s not what made them look different, it was the amount of photoshop.

  • Bob

    #13 got uglier

  • Clemmypie

    It could be real, she probably used contouring.

  • Majeda

    Ummm, I am not sure if you know what make up is supposed to do. It’s used to make you look prettier so of course you will look “uglier” before. Maybe you just didn’t get good pics cause they were all very average (except for #14 he’s a creep)

  • Stephanieee

    Speaking as an unattractive female, I think most of these women are beautiful both before and after.

  • terezib

    MOST of the before women are NOT imho “ugly”…simply plain. It’s sad that we women have to do this stuff to even get a man to NOTICE us, but that’s how it is…and those guys who say they don’t like makeup on women are either lying or deluded, even if they don’t realize it. (why DID they post at least THREE guys pics, though? I don’t know a woman who would be attracted to a guy made up like that, except maybe at a cosplay convention.)

  • Ernestine Daniels

    No. You know what? These women are not ugly. All they need is a good skin care routine, to have their done, and some confidence. THAT is the main difference, to me anyway, between the 2 pics.

  • Maartje

    hahaha They forgot the photoshop :p

  • Kat

    This is horrific. People are beautiful. Regardless of what some beauty article has to say. Don’t we have enough negativity without bashing on one for their natural look?…

  • Magalee Çırpılı

    Wearing heavy make-up for years will fuck up your skin, but until there’s a foolproof way to find out if a guy has a big dick without asking him to take off his pants I don’t want to hear SHIT from any man who thinks makeup is deceptive.

  • Zinkies

    “While looking great is well… great, but when you naturally look horrifying, it may come at a big surprise to that guy you just met last night. Here are 22 examples of women who looks extremely hot but be weary of the secret beneath the surface!” Really? I am pretty sure that none of them had anything shameful to hide, and the pictures reveal lovely women on the left, and made-up women on the right. I haven’t seen any that “naturally look horrifying”. Yikes at the sensibilities of whomever compiled this list, and woe to any woman who decides to date them.

  • Zinkies

    I have NEVER worn makeup for more than special events. It is unhealthy for your skin to wear cosmetics every day, and unhealthy for your heart and soul to think you need to do so in order to get noticed. The men who don’t notice me when I don’t wear cosmetics aren’t worth my time or my energy. I’ve got waaaay more to offer than an artificial face, and so do you. Besides, I’m beautiful.

  • Adam

    Maybe you’re trying to attract the wrong guy.

    I look at a woman, and I see a spark in her eye that captures me. It’s usually the spark of intelligence and confidence.

    If she’s fugly, yeah, I’m not gonna be attracted to her, but better to know this now than when I wake up next to her with a thousand yard stare.