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Duct Tape: 20 Examples of Clever Problem Solving

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Everyone needs several rolls of duct tape on hand at all times. Why? Because it fixes things like wallets, cars, planes, shoes, cameras, stop signs, babies… the list goes on. Check out this gallery and maybe you can find another creative use for this magical tape. To top it all off, it can even be used to tape together ducts!

  • Isn’t it commonly known that if it needs to be stuck on, use the duct tape; if it needs to come off, use the WD40?  Two things to always have in the house…plus the man who can fix it. ;o)

  • zbeam

    they should not have used the abused cat picture ruins the story

  • Bite Me

    How the fuck is this an “Example of Clever Problem Solving”?! This is down right cruel! Whoever did this should be castrated with a dull, rusty knife!

  • thisgirl

    FYI- the airplanes are using “speed tape” not duct tape. It is rated to perform at high altitudes and is extremely durable. And that is an FAA approved “fix” per the maintenance manuals. I work in aviation… hahah!