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WTF Friday: 28 Offensive and Worst of Draw Something

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Draw Something is a great game. The premise is simple—you’re given a word to draw for your friend and they have to figure out what it is you’re drawing. Some people have even gone way above and beyond to draw masterpieces out of simple words.

The room for creativity is almost unlimited thanks to the wide selection of colors and the word choices, but what makes the game even better is when you take the word you’re given—something as innocuous as “ball”—and draw it being shoved up a person’s ass for comedic effect. They’ll still guess the word and get a chuckle out of it.

Here are some of the most ridiculous drawings we’ve seen yet.

  • zangyrooo

    Now there is a dude with a plan, go figure. Wow.

  • steve

    the author of this post just enjoys pictures of penises

  • Erm, thanks for ripping these wholesale from my blog:

  • It’s pretty rude to rip content from other people’s sites – man up and at least give
    @hollybrocks credit if not ask her permission.