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14 GIFs That Make You Wonder Who Dropped Acid in Your Coffee


There’s nothing like subjecting your brain to mind-bending optical illusions that play tricks with what you see, and alter your perceptions.

When I was very young, I went to a museum which had numerous optical illusions on display, one of which required me to relax my vision in order to see a three dimensional object hidden within the print. These days, you don’t have to go to a museum or an exhibit of any sort to play tricks on your eyes. Thanks to the Internet—and to this very post—you can scramble your brains out in the very comfort of your seat.



  • OK, that entire set was really, really good.

  • jkfan87

    Uhhh..none of these are optical illusions. Not that I expect much from someone who has no job and has to supplement welfare with a blog.Though it is  nice to see novenator is as worthless a human being on this site as well.

  • Blubaughsmith

    This Design is too much Creative and Mind Blowing .It has Lots of Visual effect in the Picture.

  • so fake not a still photo at all post it to facebook it don’t move till u go to the link & tryed taking pic but they don’t move & each pic is different

  • MDMA

    or you could actually just take a hallucinogen and trip for real and then look at these….

  • asdasd

    this is shitty, lsd is openin your brain to contact with other powers etc, i cant explain that u must check it

  • Bo

    Hi MDMA, I’m a big fan <3

  • Diego Lee Rot


  • Emperor PoopySack

    Wow… Facebook doest support GIF format.. How is it fake if it isn’t a still photo… The title clearly says animations and gif’s… Of course it works when you go to the link… Because unlike Facebook, the app you use to search the internet with, does support gif.. Each pic is different, once again, clearly in the title. “These” & “Animations” are both plural.. Tried* taking the pic but they don’t move, sell your computer/smartphone as it is either a dinosaur or is broken. :)

  • davidm

    did just that xD