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Dat Ass: 99 Greatest Ass Shots of All Time

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When given a choice between ass or tits I always go for a nice ass. Why? I don’t quite know to be honest… does it even matter? Why are you even reading this when there are 99 amazing asses up on top in the gallery? Maybe you’re at work and your boss is behind you so you scrolled down here? If that’s the case I recommend going to work for an adult company (or even write for us at WildAmmo). Now those are ass promoting environments!

Dat Ass: 95 Sexy Girls in Yoga Pants
100+ Greatest Asian Asses of all Time

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  • DaFuq

    Grody sir. We relegate animals to their own category tyvm. It’s called bestiality.

  • DaFuq

    Mmm… dat cellulite tho

  • DaFuq

    Wants to see fat rolls, and calls others gay…


  • drightone

    #45 was the only one that actually had an ass to speak of. The rest were average at best. White girls aren’t known for the best ass anyway. Nice perky tits, yes.

  • drightone

    If you aren’t an animal, what are you? Vegetable, insect?

  • Tommyt

    I like when you can see the mound from behind.

  • lolwut

    Dat ass

  • John

    Too Much Hot

  • John

    Half these girls look like they got the ass of a 10yr old boy…What a pathetic list didn’t even bother getting half way to gross to look at half of this shit!

  • Ibcamn


  • Sonny

    Terrible list; unless you like pancake asses with a little incision, if you will, at the top where the crack starts.