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8 Celebrities With Their High School Counterpart


Have you ever wondered what Megan Fox looked like back in high school? Like, when she was 16—before she became the drop-dead gorgeous star of Transformers? Happily, you’ll be glad to know that she was every bit as hot back in her teenage years as she is today. Looks may not be everything, but Fox has always been a foxy stunner regardless of her age, and I suspect she’ll keep turning heads for decades to come.

Megan Fox and many other celebrities always stood apart from their peers, even since they were young. Thanks to some old high-school yearbooks, we now know what they looked like a decade and a half ago.

  • geoffmartin7777

    This article is huge failure without actually naming any names.

  • lower left hand corner under the pics

  • I came here bc I saw the high school pic thumbnail and I was not sure it was Meghan Fox because of all the plastic surgery she’s had recently. She has serious issues to a. get plastic surgery at her age and b. to get facial plastic surgery at all when her face was already good enough to make millions of dollars. aside from the obvious emotional issues she must have, that’s just bad business lol

  • Lookey

    I doubt she’s had plastic surgery. She’s till far too young and sure doesn’t need it.

  • Lookey

    I doubt she’s had plastic surgery. She’s still far too young and sure doesn’t need it.

  • fakehair

    She looked better before the surgery if you ask me. She did have a nose job.