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21 Album Covers With Dead Members Photoshopped Out

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I ran across this tumblr that made me cringe. Imagining some of these albums without their original band members is literally impossible. The album wouldn’t have ever been the same! Check out these sick nasty album covers.

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re missing the point. The fact that the dead band members have been photoshopped out only highlights the fact that they’re dearly missed. The Clash are my favorite band and their debut album is one of the ones featured here, obviously without Joe Strummer. Seeing that empty space doesn’t offend me – it only reminds me what a great loss it was and how much I wish he was still here. Removing his or anyone else’s image doesn’t mean their contribution is no longer worth recognition, but the opposite: it’s not the same without them. I think it sends a strong, melancholiac but positive message. 

  • The Who album cover really does look like someone has been removed from the picture

  • Johann928s4

    Why you dont put any album of the Queen Group?, The Queen, without Freddy Mercury, isnt the same Group.

  • Bonnettesmith

    It is using a Good art to make beautiful scene and Picture through Photoshop.If we have much talent to make a Any picture even we can do it any thing.

  • Ticklesmith

    These are very Good and Impressive album .

  • It’s a shame they’re removed – I don’t like it

  • Jinnocenteyez

    Very Impressive album indeed.

  • Coatneysmith

    It has Lots of Creative and Mind Blowing Album.