10 Amusingly Classic Moments on Jeopardy

Jeopardy is one of America’s longest running game shows and is still very popular, due to its relative difficulty, variety of questions, and format. ¬†Over the years, there have been a large number of contestants, and while most episodes are just fun for the academic in us, some episodes feature some classic interactions between Alex Trebek and the contestants.

So, we trolled YouTube for the 10 best classic moments on Jeopardy, from Trebek being a racist, to stupid category titles, and hilarious answers.

Enjoy the videos after the jump!

Alex Trebek’s Racist Moment
Just because he’s not Caucasian doesn’t mean he’s from New Dehli…

Come On, That Was A Legit Answer
Oh no, Ken Jennings used a bad word on Jeopardy! Too bad it was the answer that 99% of the world would have given.

Kid Thinks He’s So Clever
After this clip, I have lost all faith in the college tournament. You’re not as cool as you think, kid.

No, Sorry, This Isn’t Family Guy
Oh, you had $1? Quick, better quote a Family Guy clip. Sorry, now you have $0.

Kid Rocks It on Jeopardy
Who cares if you’re wrong if you still win and can rock out on camera?

Wow, Trebek is a jerk, you didn’t have to laugh at her bro.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Jeopardy
I think Kareem was seriously about to cry during this clip. I mean, at least he kinda had the context right. Still, disappointing, but then again, he played basketball, not game shows.

1200 Balls Please
How come no one laughed at this? With this category title, it was only a matter of time…but no one on Jeopardy found it funny?

The Pope Wants Sex
Hey, at least he didn’t say Lady Gaga. Though come on, who wouldn’t want that?

No Fun For Max
Max. Answer. No. Max. Answer. No. Max. Answer. No. Poor Max, kept setting it up for the other guy.

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