AXE Launches New Facebook App: AXE Celebrations

AXE Launches New Facebook App: AXE Celebrations

Axe is arguably one of the most popular deodorant brand for men, and with good reason! They are well-priced, and they smell oh-so-good. Just ask the lady in your life if she likes the smell of Axe and you’ll probably get a weird look that says “duh.”

Not one to rest on its laurels, Axe has launched a great new Facebook App called Axe Celebrations.

It’s a new way of celebrating all the special dates on your calendar—like the anniversary of your first date, or those five years of being together with your significant other. The app allows you to send special messages to your friends.

The neat thing about AXE Celebrations is that it allows you to schedule messages to send on specific dates throughout the year, so you’ll never forget those special days. It sure beats using iCal or writing them down in a notebook.

All you need to run the application is to install it onto your Facebook profile, and allow the app to send a message to your friends. It won’t do anything you don’t want it to, so don’t worry about spam. Merry hot Christmas!