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20 Parents You’re Happy You Didn’t Have


A compilation of bad parents doing things that they most likely shouldn’t be doing with their kids, especially in public! Hopefully their kids turn out okay, but chances are they will be similar to their parents. How do you think these parents got this way in the first place?

  • Scary or what!

  • OMG! The birthday cake pic is terrible.

  • Would you not take the cigarette out of her mouth and not stand there taking a pic, shocking!

  • picture number 3 is shocking!!

  • Scrappy

    Are you kidding me? Look at that child. She is filthy and unkempt. No one even grooms the little cherub. I’m sure whoever took this pic thought it was just hilarious when this baby did what they all do…started mimicking the adults around her…

  • Scrappy

    uhm, why are there little girls at a bachelorette party?

  • Scrappy

    Yeah, these all just make me feel sad…they’re not even funny…

  • Wendy Nelson

    Says Rabbit Vibrator……. lol