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Top 175 Hottest Pin-Up Girls of All Time


Technically speaking, a pin-up girl is a girl that men would usually buy a poster of up and pin to their wall or bunk.  Historically, they were of famous celebrities, and they came to fame during World War II when soldiers would have posters of the pin-up girls.

Nowadays, pin-up girls have evolved into a bit more of a vague style, but they still consist of sexy girls in poses for posters than most guys would pin up.

Via: Shannon Brooke Imagery – Want your sexy shots featured in our future posts? Email them to [email protected]!

  • Dane

    So apparently you’re against having attractive girls in sexy poses in this thread… Do they really all have to have bad tattoos and look like they’re trying to be from the 50s even though they were all born in the 80s?

  • disappointed

    This was aweful.  Mostly because the article title is a lie.  This is by no one’s definition “175 hottest pin up girls of all time”, unless by all time you meant to say “175 hottest pin up girls of all time OF THE SUICIDE GIRLS or some girls of the exact same style as the suicide girls”.

  • Simply awesome. Great collection.

  • Richard Gregorio

    FAIL. None of the actual pinups that inspired A LOT of the photos in the series. No Bettie Page. No Vargas. No Jayne Mansfield. No Rita Hayworth. No 50s period.

  • Pissed

    A bunch of fat assed ugly bitches – what a poor excuse for a top list!

  • Nunya

    Shannon Brooke Imagery Spam

  • Cute, saved this collect

  • woodrat2296

    In what universe are those bitches hot? Yech! 

  • lasty

    if anyone of them calls you, don’t answer it…

  • Jamie

    You have got to be kidding me!!! The “hottest pinups of ALL TIME” and Bettie Page and Grabel, Veronica Lake, Ava Gardner… etc aren’t on it? Wow! That’s just Disgusting! I love Miss Mosh, Dot, Masuimi, etc but COME ON!!!! You haven’t added any actual pinup girl’s that made pinup what it is today! This list is crap! 

  • Jamie

    Wow… I commented and then looked at the other comment’s and saw your’s which was exactly my comment and thought’s… well basically! Thank God I’m  not the only one thinking this!!!!

  • Donavan

    Where are the great pinups ? Betty Brosmer, Sophia , Maryiln ,These gilrs are dogs.
    Do a little home work ,you will see what the classic pinups look like.

  • Taylor

    There you go, societies view of a pin up girl is where she’s tatted all over her body. What a shame. not retro, nor genuine what so ever.

  • Stuart Garfath

    The description of a ‘pin up’ girl, as stated here is totally, completely wrong.
    Look up ‘Gibson Girl, a 1897 depiction, by Charles Dana Gibson, of the ideal ‘Victorian Lady’ of those times.
    Do not believe what you see on the net, do your homework, check your sources, sadly, pretty much all those that look at the Net believe what they see, without double, triple, checking source material.

  • BOB

    Lousy, just plain lousy.

  • emanon

    Do I think this collection is the hottest pinup girls of all time I think that’s completely a personal decision as to. What. You’re own personal. Preference is. Wow its. Fun to watch everyone get so excited though lol

  • Luna Blackheart

    I would respect this list more if half of the images weren’t of the same three models

  • ghent

    Total waste of time, and that’s just checking out the first three.

  • Buster Epperson

    Who appointed Shannon Brooke keeper of the hottest pinups of all time? This is nothing but a blatant ad for her(?) photography — which on the whole sucks.

  • Ben Sherman

    nice article

  • Steave Sherman

    This is very good set of pictures !