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12 World Leaders Making Out Like There’s No Tomorrow


Benetton’s ads are well known for promoting diversity, usually cultural diversity.  This has been noted, studied and also parodied, such as in Family Guy when Stewie is adopted, he remarks that he’s been placed in a Benetton ad.  However, Benetton’s latest ad campaign is definitely their most shocking yet.

Their new ad campaign features various world leaders, well, kissing each other, and usually they are leaders who have not been the best friends.  The Vatican has already been outraged by the ad that includes Pope Benedict XVI kissing a top Egyptian imam on the lips.  See the full shocking gallery in this post.

  • A bit full on I think, it’s gross. What happened to a kiss on the cheek

  • Jinnocenteyez

    Ewww this is so disgusting! Why ppl photo shopping these pix and post them? It’s not funny!