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40 Sexy and Insanely Mesmerizing Eyes


What’s better than mesmerizing eyes? When they’re on hot chicks it’s definitely a bonus. Here we have 40 of the simply the sexiest eyes from all over the interwebs!

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  • Godddol

    I counted 80 eyes.

  • Dubbachin500

    wow, Marry me

  • Rein48

    pfft some of the pics were photoshopped you should have inculded the girl from the famous National Geo front cover.

  • There are some serious frog eyes going on in some of the pics

  • Fryke

    not one pair of brown eyes. i agree.

  • Guest

    Wonder what kind of reflector the photographer used to create the dazzling sparkle in #2?
    That’s excellent photography!

  • Satake Yoshinobu

    There’s a lot of ‘meh’ here.  Closeup of eyes doesn’t necessarily translate to sexy and mesmerizing.

  • Guest

    thank god for makeup

  • Guest

    Is this an eye makeup advertisement?

  • Fred

    no guys?

  • Jeff Jones

    #13 is your winner. Amazing.

  • mosa

    girls numer 1+10 is gorgeous <3