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Girl Takes Her Picture Every Day for 5 Years


People often don’t think their appearance changes from day to day, and even over a year’s time, most people don’t think their appearance is different. ¬†However, one girl decided to take her photograph every day, not just for a week or a month, not even for just a year, but for 5 whole years.

Although she did change outfits and styles, it’s amazing to see how someone changes over 5 years. ¬†Check out this photograph series.

  • A lot of photos to shed your tears over when your older

  • Maxwelldub

    BS. If she took her picture everyday for 5 years there would be over 1,800 pictures here…

  • tazmaniak

    They’re obviously not going to show every single picture. The point is to show how she gradually changed over 5 years. A person doesn’t change on a daily basis, so there would be no need to show every picture.

  • Stunning

    you are absolutely gorgeous!! Marry me?