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32 Cute Gamer Girls Next Door


It may be awhile yet before gender equality reaches video games, but more and more girls are identifying with the term “gamer” and that’s a good thing—for gender equality, and the gaming community in general. Speaking honestly as a guy, who doesn’t want more girls to play with? I mean, I know they’re not a commodity, but gaming shouldn’t be a boys’ only club. No way. Here’s a celebration of gamer girls next door (as opposed to fake models) looking their best.

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  • Anonymous

    Man I never even thought about it liek that before. That really does make a lot of sense man.

  • Rayg97

    im just wandering why do the all have xbox controlers where the ps girls x_x

  • Woo! I made the list! Check out my cosplay too!

  • Currupt

    number 5 is the pornstar lexi belle…. just sayin 😛


    #25 Rihanna is a girl next door!?

  • Mama Bear

    Meh, only 18 & 26 looked like actual gamer girls, controller in hands concentrating on the game. The rest looked like a bunch of posers.

  • Oh, and to the guy that says I’m not a real gamer, add me on WOW [email protected]. HATER!

  • An6el

    lol aww I’m not on there… lol well I used to be a hardcore gamer til I met my Hubby! Now we just play COD MW3 every other night… *sigh* oh how I missed them old days

  • G_father_210

    Real gamers don’t use “plug-in to ur controller” mics…real gamers have wireless mics or turtle beaches.

  • these arnt gamer girls, these are sluts with plastic -.-


     agreed most of these girls are sluts or models.

  • B_salinas

    consolities FTW!

  • Eerte

    2, 8, 12, 14

  • slayerwulfe

    image 9 with the playstation 2 is not a gamergirl

  • Image 7 is not a gamer girl either.

  • Pimpone

    yEs. Because they totally just put on their makeup and do their hair when they are home alone playing video games. Its more like those sex video web games and the pictures they have lol

  • Pimpone

    Correction. Just the first 3. Number 4 is friggin hawt.

  • Nerffield3

    majority are fake like 17 wich is naomi kyle (IGN)

  • I can’t speak for everyone on this list but I know for a fact that the first one is a gamer girl! Her name is Raychul and if you follow her on FB and Twitter you would know she’s a hardcore gamer and cosplay!!

  • Guest

    So judgmental toward girls with controllers, lol. You don’t know them so you can’t really say whether or not they’re gamers. None of them were playing bejeweled on a smart phone, at least…

  • Roytasha

    No Felicia Day?  A genuine gamer geek who is hollywood material and has got a place in the Whedonverse… how hot is that?

  • 3242354

    As opposed to fake models…? 

    You may want to drop the… models, porn stars and celebrities, then?

  • SyFy Master1

    If you going to say they are gamers, at least put capions under there pics of systems, games and or gamer tag ids.  Really having a hard time believing this ladies are gamers.

  • Kieran

    8th gamer giggity giggity goo

  • Anon

    Nice pussy on pic 22

  • kieran

    22 gamer look like an actual gamer.

  • GG’ers my ass.

    Only 18 and 26 look legit. The rest are just “I’m a girl. Oh look, a controller, herp derp, I’m a girl gamer nawo! Opps, boob shot!”

  • you guys are dumb

    Are you guys a bunch of FAGS or something? who gives a shit if they arent real gamers?? look at the girls, not the damn controllers you damn faggot ass losers only wanting to see game controllers

  • goober

    why are u guys focusing on the fact that some of them arent real gamers?? Do you guys not like Hot females??? look at them dude, they are all HOT… you guys are a bunch of nerds…

  • accursedvenom

    Like its been said, 17 is naomi kyle. 18 is jessica chobot, who posts pictures on her twitter often of herself playing a game.

  • Catalysta

    Whats up with the dude in the pikachu hat!!!!!!? This article said GIRLS! Did you guys really not catch his adams apple or his square jaw? lololol ahahahahahaha At first i was like maaaaaaaaaaan thats a fugly chick” than i was like oh no….. oh wait……

  • A cute gamer girl is any day better than just a hot girl.

  • Persongamerlol

    Many real gamers use corded peripherals, actually. Less latency.

  • da boss69 nigga

    fuck no

  • LiveLongAndProsper

    Really #5? You’ve probably never even seen an episode of Star Trek… If you are going to Cos-play, at least do it the correct way. You are making the rest of us girls look like idiots.

  • gary


  • jctejada

    I want to play co-op with the girl in the batman shirt!

  • jctejada

    Do all gamer girls play naked? Judging by these pictures LOL

  • eaa510

    You know u guys call these girls sluts and they end up turnin dike.. Stfu u beat off virgins and appreciate the fact these fine hotties even showed some skin.. Fake or real these girls are hotties all day long.

  • hush404

    Sadly most of those were not gamers. Just pretty girls paid to pose with some gear (some didn’t even have gear :/).

  • Andrew Arnold

    So… a bunch of hot chicks holding game controllers/wearing comic book shirts?

  • Matt Ramsden

    99% gamer girls don’t look like this