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100+ Selfies That Should Not Have Been Shared…


Who doesn’t take pictures of themselves in the bathroom mirror these days? Here are 135 of the best selfies ever taken that probably should not have been shared…

  • Seekr34

    #129 is Tori Black

  • thank u girls….many years of jerking it to come.

  • 36 is former Playboy model Jesse Preston.

  • j

    haha i c the redbull

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Thats a lot of hott pussy!

  • Dana


  • It’s moments like these that remind me why i love the internet 😀

  • unanimous

    every girl has an iphone..

  • asdf1234

    the iphone has a camera facing both ways dumbass

  • Guest

    STFU you dumb ass stuck up bitch…

  • Dracula

    34 sexxxyyyyyy

  • asap

    whats her nane

  • asap

    110 whats her name!!!!

  • bonaparte3

    Bless their hearts!

  • john

    #8 is pretty and hot,Y DOES NO ONE comeent aout her?!?!wish i knew her

  • Tony Franco

    Your city sucks!

  • rept

    and once a again, i ran out of time to do my homework

  • Slim

    Melanie Iglesias is part latin

  • Slim

    48 & 50 = Melanie Iglesias

  • Jam

    Behold fututre porn stars 37!!!!!!<3

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  • AI

    Most of these girls look like they got Attitude issues.

  • Royce clark

    yo 51 is cut like a doll

  • Royce clark

    yo 64 got to be the lamest omg like why does she have clothes on lol

  • DaShiz

    #107 got it from me!!!!

  • loser69

    Finally lost it to #95…freaking gorgeous.

  • YupThats

    23 – DatAss

  • Habaku

    Top being 24,127, and 133 no doubt

  • CallGRL76

    I don’t care how hot they are. They are all pigs. Bathrooms? Toilets? Showers? Messy floors? Way to represent us ladies!?!? As f’en pigs!

  • john del

    #9 what a knock out

  • Real tough talk, anonymous motherfucker. You sure like talking shit from behind your keyboard…

  • Simply hot and sexy

  • the reason i clicked on the link to begin with… 0__0

  • Candy?… but isn’t that a strippers name???

  • #82… cant see the face but THAT BODY tho…

  • Yea it does and it has 1.2 megapixels versus the 5 of the front camera. Making it fucking useless for anything but video calls.

  • So are you cunt nose.

  • 95, 99, 104 – wowwwww

  • theluvmuscle

    sorry but uh #89 and #99 are the best 99 her ass pops 89 well no makeup no fuss just naturally perfect

  • jennifer courtland


  • kngsjester

    I have offically come to the conclusion…….most chicks willing to show soemthing for nothing….own apple products…

  • Xavier

    I wonder where all these girls live at, I used to work in a matress delivery company, and I visited houndreds of places, and never saw chicks like this, dangg!

  • eric

    What’s with all the poofy hair, fake hair extensions, tranny make up, and silicon. Girls are way hotter when they don’t have ten gallons of make up painted on, eye lashes glued on, hair glued on to their head, and plastic objects sewn underneath their skin. Some of them are pretty, but 90% looked like they stepped out of a public service announcement for what happens when you are abused as a child.



  • Whosthat

    Who is the 39/59?

  • Name!?

    YAY !!!! HOOTERS !!!

  • Name!?

    oldass bich

  • Name!?

    looks like someone oiled up. 😀

  • Name!?

    can i get a blowjob number 68?

  • chris

    She looks very educated!!!