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Ingenious Solutions to First World Problems


Most of us are familiar with first world problems, such as the fact that a pizza fresh out of the oven is delicious, but will burn your mouth, or the fact that spoons can’t rest in a glass without getting the handle wet.  First world problems are the bane of all our existences, but luckily, brilliant engineers are at work.

Some solutions to first world problems are offered using infomercials late at night, but those guys are amateurs compared to this collection.  Check out these awesome solutions to first world problems.

  • rmills

    You wouldn’t really want to leave an AC cable coiled anywhere…it would create a fire hazard.

  • Don

    Well, unless you were several month overdue on the mortgage.

  • Steve Main

    So, no links to any of these items shown? I get that some of them are probably just concepts and not available, but still.. how do you not provide the one piece of information that would allow people to easily find that out?

  • wasteoftime

    I’m sorry, but I’m a chef & all these [food] “problems” are just not problems.

  • How would an unplugged cable be a fire hazard?

  • Anonymous

    Someone may see it and set fire to your house.