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50 Greatest Posters From The Occupy Wall Street Protests


Occupy Wall Street is a growing movement of protests against a variety of issues, but most namely corporate greed and the link between the US government and the US banking sector. After the financial collapse in 2008, the US economy was dramatically weakened, unemployment rose, foreclosures occurred, and the major investment banks of Wall Street were bailed out by the US government in hopes of stabilizing the economy. Over the following 3 years, the economy worsened, and the American middle class continues to suffer while the investment banks have rebounded and are posting record profits.

Occupy Wall Street seeks to expose and remedy this situation, and consists of many unaffiliated groups protesting together. As with any large protest, there are many people carrying signs, and here, we’ve picked the 50 best.

  • Anonymous

    Ya know, I never even thought about it like that before dude.

  • Jodhsnd

    Johnny [email protected]:disqus

  • Mr…

    Why she no have shirt on????

  • anonymous

    Nuclear power is NOT a dead end. Fusion ftw. 

  • whatever

    johnny Depp?

  • Guy

    that cop lost his job

  • David

    Why are some of you so against this? You sound like the old people did in the 60’s and 70’s. Back there youngsters knew the power of protest.

    Even if you don’t agree with a thing these people are protesting, you should respect their right to protest.. It’s America at it’s core. It’s time that people rediscovered this is our country. Next step-And for all these people my age, this is one that gets overlooked- VOTE. It’s the only one thing you can do to change this country.

    To all those people who are saying it’s easy to get a job if you’re educated.. Where have you been? Just because you have a degree doesn’t mean there’s a job.

  • Eric R.

    The protesters are all idiots

  • Eric R.

    How is any of this a Conservative vs Liberal thing anyway.  I realize that liberals don’t have a shred of common sense, but they invest as well. 

    So frustrating to see all the wasted energy when it could be used to find jobs instead of protesting.  Why is it that I can currently work two jobs, yet these fools are “too good” to work even one?

    Absolutely no sympathy for any of them.

  • Sydneyy Eg

    yeah i think it is! on the bridge right?

  • Everything you say is a lie. Whatever, hater.
    If there were jobs, they’d be applying for them. No one can go door to door every minute of every day when they know the first 300 applications got them nothing. Talk about non-sensible. There. Are. No. Jobs. No matter what conservatives pretend in order to denigrate decent people who just happen to not have a job. I don’t think anyone is asking the likes of you for sympathy. They want Wall St and the corps out of our government and if you don’t want the same, you are part of the problem. Why are you going around bashing every day Americans for exercising their constitutional right to protest and perhaps beget change? Is there something wrong with you? Are you not American but commenting anyway? That must be it.

  • anonymouse

    Nuclear power is a dead end? No it’s not. It’s wonderfully clean and efficient.

  • 87362fake

    I saw him, too!

  • Anonymous

    This is about more than jobs. It’s about an imbalance of power and money and the working class are fed up with it. I know plenty of people out there picketing who do have jobs. But they still have the right to stand up for all of us who’ve been trampled on in one way or another by corporate greed. Don’t be a moron, you’ve been affected, too.

  • Anonymous

    Picture #45 (JUMP YOU F*****S) is several years old and wasn’t taken at the Occupy Wall St. protests.

  • anonycat

    And then it blows up.

  • Eliiscoming

    Live for today, die for the right to fight, keep up the good work and get an equal share of the pie. its what revolution is all about.  Be as good as anyone and no better than anyone else, believe this and then we all can have a chance at prosperity.  Working for a living not living to work.   Raise a family instead of raising a career in greed.  Live in a 3 bedroom home with kids in it, instead of living in a 3 bedroom house in a gated community with 3 dead bolted locked doors. ect…

  • somepunkkidwithoutajob

    Oh no! No sympathy from you! There’s countless people out there who you obviously haven’t taken the time to listen to but you feel adequate to judge and no sympathy from you! Oh shit, better just pack up and head home to work our jobs.

    Oh wait… 9.1% unemployment rate. Students getting out of high school don’t have fields they can get into and many can’t afford to pay for higher learning, which isn’t necessarily a big help in any case.

    But the fat cats that got us here in the first place? They’re able to skirt the law. They’re able to say “Hey, it wasn’t illegal to sucker punch the nation and then run away with bailout money! We made sure of it before we did it!” So the nation rises up to say no.

    Guess we’ll just have to get by without your sympathies.

  • what about men in denim suits?

  • Emily


  • Mrs…

    The 1% stole it!

  • majindiety

    the only thing that can cause a nuclear plant to to blow up is water pressure. there is no nuclear explosion involved. The uranium in a reactor is used in a completely different way than in a weapon

  • Mgginn

    the war on poverty in america, in the developed world, was won a long time ago. how much in handouts does it take to satisfy the lazy and stupid.

  • Anonymous

    apparently it only takes one fox news article for you to think you’re educated. check your facts

  • Anonymous

    oh yeah, it’s totally clean. except for that whole radioactive waste part.  It isn’t as clean and efficient as other energy sources.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you should read some actual statistics. WHERE exactly are all these jobs everyone’s supposed to go get? You have a good point though: WHY is it that you have two jobs but millions actively seeking employment who are qualified cannot find work? I’ll tell you why: because this problem is bigger than any group of individuals and it is a problem that can be ignored no longer.

  • Anonymous

    All generalizations are false.

  • ChandarChandar

    You gon’ need a permit for those guns baby

  • marktwain

    including this one

  • Anonymous

    yay! you got it! :)

  • What’sTheFed?

    Here is the thing, a lot of people attribute this movement to the bankers, the bailouts, and while there’s certainly truth to it, it can all be retraced to the FEDERAL RESERVE.  

    Did you know it’s NOT a government institution?  It’s completely private, and while yes, they do report some of their findings to Congress, they do not HAVE to report ANYTHING.  That means what we’re given is what they’re allowing us to see.  Another interesting tidbit:  The FED was created in a room with two politicians and five representatives from BIG FINANCE (the groups they represented held 25% of the world’s wealth).  Whose interests did they have in mind?  Read up on the Fed and you’ll suddenly realize what you haven’t been taught, but should’ve been taught long ago.

  • Anonymous

    Thats what space is for.
    And it IS clean and efficient.

  • gost

    i absolutely agree with everything you said

  • Blue snow

    Just because you ignore poverty doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It just proves you’re ignorant to the reality of the country you live in. 

    The poor do not want “handouts,” they want equal opportunities to get a good education, a decent job, an affordable health care plan, and to be able to support themselves  and their families. We’re fine with working hard, but working 3 jobs and still being so far in the red each month you need to use credit to buy food is not the  American Dream; its a nightmare- and they’re lucky… at least they have a job. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah, lets just throw all our junk into space instead of using systems that are actually sustainable and reuse energy. I get that it’s clean energy, but it isn’t the cleanest. It isn’t the solution. We can do so much better.

  • Bayleye

    I agree with you, random exxtremely hot guy

  • GinderrTroll$

    “this country was built by men in clothing that actually goes with that era, and it will be destroyed by faggots carrying signs that don’t make sense”

  • GinderrSaysYouSuckDick

    education won’t protect you from a brotha in the hood yo

  • Ginderr :)


  • 1%er



    it will if you educate the brotha in the hood

  • friend

    Brother Cornell!

  • anon

    Fuck you.  If you think the poor are lazy and stupid, you obviously haven’t been hanging out with any people who don’t come home to a fridge full of snapple and a new coat every time they need one.  Get out of your bubble and take a look around you, do yourself a favor and stop making yourself look like an ignorant shit.

  • evilcrebyc

    How refreshing to see posters boasting correctly spelt, complex words at an American political demonstration.

  • Ha ha! correct spelling.

  • Sughaclef

    remind us again: what is clean about nuclear waste?

  • some guy

    “Shit is Fucked Up and Bullshit”? Um, yeah, ok.

    About as coherent as the conservative guy who declared (gasp!) “homosexuals are gay.”

  • some guy

    Fail: the woman in #38 looks like Carrot Top.

    She’s right about “Arrested Development,” though. :)

  • MaxwellDaring

    Their was one sign in Occupy Portland that said “There’s  always money in the banana stand.”