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Spock is Not Amused: 12 Image Series


Spock is a fictional character in the Star Trek media franchise. First portrayed by Leonard Nimoy in the original Star Trek series, Spock also appears in the animated Star Trek series, two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, seven of the Star Trek feature films, and numerous Star Trek books, comics, and video games. Spock also makes guest appearances in a variety of other media, including Futurama. Spock’s mannerisms are well recognized as being iconic.

In this funny Photoshop series, you’ll see Spock in a variety of historical scenarios, and he is not amused by any of it.

  • Kcops

    Spock is half Vulcan, and Vulcan’s do not show any signs of human emotion. Therefore your assumption that Spock is “not amused” is highly illogical.