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12 Inventions That Are Borderline Genius


Ever thought you had an idea for a product or invention that you thought was so brilliant, it was almost stupid?  Well, most of the products on late night infomercials actually are pretty stupid, but there are some that have caught on because of their simple, ingenious quality.

Here are 12 inventions that are borderline genius, and in some cases, rather stupidly awesome as well.   From finger forks to toaster knives and everything in between, you might wish some of these inventions were readily available.

  • D.

    How do they call this?

  • tevra

    borderline stupid is more like it

  • Billy Batson

    The wine holder is stupid. Try walking around with red wine in it.

  • twat

    All fuck-stupid except the page-holder, and even so, not genius.