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The Miniature Life of Food and Drinks


As children, most of us remember creating a variety of scenes using toys and action figures, ranging from epic battles to carwashes and swimming pools.  Of course, we were always taught not to play with our food as children…but our parents didn’t say anything about playing with our food as adults!

In this photography series by Christopher Boffoli, people combine action figures and figurines with food to create miniaturized worlds.

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  • Linajadee

    These are Amazingly creative…Keep up the Great Job!!!

  • DavidBailey

    Same old, same old……………………………..

  • E Diote

    I don’t know since how long Boffoli has been doing this creative photography but it’s been years long that Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida, food photographers at have been doing it…

    So perhaps he copied a bit and was less creative than it seems…