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Creative Designs on a 100 Dollar Bill


The 100 dollar bill is the largest bill currently in circulation in the United States, and it is often referred to in movies and music as simply a “Benjamin” because of Benjamin Franklin as the face of the bill.  Generally speaking, a $100 bill is considered somewhat rare and it’s not even accepted at some stores.  But, it has obvious value attached to it, so it’s a wonder that anyone would purposely destroy one…

…unless of course, you’re an artist, in which case, the $100 bill offers a great medium and starting plate to create creative designs.  So, check out these creative defacements of a $100 bill.

  • Greatbiggie

    Lost all interest when I noticed that they were all photos of the same bill and were altered with photoshop or similar. No actual drawing was done in any bills. Worthless.

  • GregS18348

    Shopped. ach and every one. Serial number and bill location number are the same for every one. thus, it’s the same bill.