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How The Year 2000 Was Envisioned in 1910


We’re always imagining the future, and trying to think of what it would be like to live in a time other than our own.  When we were growing up, most of us envisioned flying cars, food pills, being able to go for days without sleep, genetic modifications and more.  Obviously, none of that has come to pass, yet.

It’s also amusing to look back at the past and see what people thought we’d have by now.  In this art series from 1910, you’ll see what people in the past thought we’d have in the year 2000.

  • It was so long for read and wathcing, but it was worth to. Great stuff guyzz

  • BL

    lol old peeple r stupid

  • Mihai Axinte

    It seems we are not so far as we the ancesters think at that time. Still our work is mainly manual. But we still have the dreams.

  • Dan

    The last one was Skype

  • Sweetie

    How unkind of you to call old people stupid. One day you will wake & find yourself old. peculiar would have been a better adjective.

  • Lielin

    Why stupid. Most of those ideas became true. Helicopters, daily planes over the cities, planes and helicopters on rooftops of buildings taking you wherever you want, cloth manufactured for specific size, audiobooks, women with short skirts (an idea that it was preposterous back then and yet a couple of years later in the 20s it happened), motorbikes, machinery to build buildings used by operators from afar, tv-conference webcam communcations. They imagined all that and ALL that became true thanks to the efforts of scientists, futurists and visionaries. There were and still are tons of “crazy” ideas and I’m glad that we have that kind of people, that you call “stupid”.

  • a guy

    the image phone, projector thing… did come true, in the actual context.

  • a guy

    yep, totally came true!