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If Barbie Was a Serial Killer – Photographs


Barbie is one of the iconic dolls in history, and is one of the best selling toys of all time.  Featured in a variety of movies including Toy Story, and has been parodied many times.  Generally regarded as a beauty and fashion doll, Barbie has been ruling the fashion toy world for 50 years.

But underneath Barbie’s pretty exterior is the mind of a serial killer, at least, in this photographic series.  So, here are shocking photographs straight from the crime lab, proving that Barbie is a serial killer.

  • That’s hillariously disturbing. Love it!
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  • 【グロ注意】大量殺人者がテーマのバービー人形を使ったジオラマ作品。こういうゴア表現は正直好きじゃないけどクオリティ高い。いかに人を不快な気分にさせるかが考えられてる気がする。

  • Cate

    Kudos to you my friend!
    This is creative, it took a lot of work and it’s unique.
    A nice sick and twisted take on an American icon.
    Well done!

  • マジキチ。ですが部屋のインテリアや小物の使い方がセンスありますね。うちの神姫たちにもこういったセンスで飾ってあげたい

  • 色んな意味でえぐい。本当にグロい。これ、ありえないだろ。

  • Someone needs therapy.

  • H.

    This is just hilarious!:DD

  • kikiklas

    love the dildo in the first photo 😀

  • GuestGirl

    Honestly, love all the little accessories alot, but Barbie’s crazy calm smile as she continuously shows us her deplorable side is very well done throughout :)

  • Awww, too bad my 7 year old daughter is asleep. She loves Barbie pictures.
    I must that this does explain the fate of “torno Ken” in her collection of 50 Barbies, and now “bendy Ken” has lost his head. The girls are offing the boys one by one.

  • Egbell

    RESPECT ARTISTS. Credit belongs to:

  • Pretty cool dolls, there are some really good sex dolls on the internet

  • Noelburgundy27

    This is the most creative Barbie concept yet.

  • koji

    that big dildo in chair.