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20 Disturbingly Creepy Santa Photos


Christmas is a time of happiness and joy, celebrated around the globe with gift giving, family gatherings and other traditions.  Santa is one of the most popular figures surrounding the Christmas season, and with good reason, as Santa brings us awesome gifts ever year.

The tradition of mall Santas, where you can go sit on Santa’s lap, tell him what you want for Christmas and get your picture taken, have become a plague at malls around the world.  While Santa is supposed to be cheery and well mannered, mall Santas don’t always live up to the task.  So, in the spirit of celebration of Christmas, we have 20 photos of disturbing and creepy Santas.  But it’s all good, ’cause there’s a Santa at the end that’s cooler than the other side of the pillow.

  • otobustetaciz

    All kinds of baba’lar Christmas. Children are pretty happy. V-pills

  • Anonymous

    lol, very creepy indeed. Thats downright scary dude.
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