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The Star Wars Alphabet


The characters in Star Wars are some of the most recognizable figures in the world, thanks to the fame of the original trilogy, the infamous prequel trilogy, the large number of video games, spinoffs, books and other popular culture influences. With the characters introduced throughout the various media, there are plenty of unique and original characters as well as names.

So, in this creative collection, you’ll see how to learn the alphabet…Star Wars style!

  • I have still never seen Star Wars and don’t know who half of these characters are.

  • Richard

    P should be for Porkins.

  • Someguy

    I have seen Star Wars, several times, even the bad ones. But I still don’t know who half those are.

    Xizor? Really? I’m sure I would have remembered a character that looked like that.

  • Anonymous

    Nice, never thought about it like that before. Makes sense dude.

  • Jimi Tonic

    Many of them are from books that were written between the release of the original trilogy and the second trilogy. You have to be extra nerdy to recognize them. (I don’t even know who Q and U are…)

  • Fernanda

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  • I suppose due to copyright that it wouldn’t be possible to attain vinyl prints of these, suitable for hanging in a child’s room? They are wonderful.

  • ChrisArchitect

    wow, if WA actually linked to the author/source…… you would find out that it is part of a children’s book being made.

  • Pml14

    m is for mace windoo

  • SWFan

    Really extra nerdy fans noticed that each phrase is repeated in arubesh under the character name of each entry!

  • Wowww… nice,,, i like it…


  • theycallmemistertibbs

    B is for Bantha, Bib Fortuna, and Biggs.
    J is for Jawas (Come on! You have Ewoks, but no Jawas on this list?).
    L is for Lando Calrissian (an unforgivable omission) and Lobot.
    M is for Mace Windu (although those damn prequels are Bantha poodoo).
    P is for Porkins.
    T is for Tarkin, Tauntaun, and Tusken Raiders.
    W is for Wampa.

  • Psycho Bean

    These are awesome. With the exception of K and X, I would like to see these used instead of the expanded characters.
    D is for Dengar
    J is for Jawa (although Jabba pict is cool)
    M is for Mon Mothma
    Q is for Quarren
    T is for Taun Taun or Tusken Raider
    U is for Ugnaught