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Hilarious Family Guy (De) Motivational Posters


Family Guy is one the most recognized animated series of all time, and is generally considered one of the most popular cartoons of the 21st century so far, perhaps rivaled in popularity only the Simpsons.  Although Family Guy often chooses to use dirtier humor techniques, it is nonetheless a pop culture icon in the United States and around the globe.

Centering around the Griffin family, consisting of Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Stewie and Brian, the show follows the daily lives and life lessons that each family member learns throughout the seasons.  These life lessons are usually summed up in humorous statements, and these statements are perfect for motivational and demotivational posters.

So, here are some hilarious Family Guy (de) motivational posters.

  • Anonymous

    The “Tough Love” one is actually a quote from Brian, not Peter.

  • Sonofworf55

    actually its kind of scary that you would know that

  • anon

    its when peter tries to make the stairs into a waterslide.

  • anon

    The “Courtesy” one should not have a picture of Carter Pewterschmidt but rather Francis Griffin, seeing as that was whom Lois was referring to in the quote

  • The Shockwave

    Maybe more of these could have had pictures that in some way were relevant to the quote?

  • These were absolutely hilarious!!! :)

  • Ironik90

    the ambulance poster was a Brian quote not a Peter quote

  • Was gonna post the same thing.

  • anonymous

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  • Gothicduck61

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  • Cj 310

    I can too, I knew you were going to post this.  

  • D0ntb3stup1d

    Tough Love Poster is a quote from Brian, Not Peter