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If Animals Were As Obese As Humans


Obesity is one of the world’s leading health concerns, particularly in America, due to an increasingly sedentary life style, poor diet, and overall social and economic changes.  The widespread growth of fast food and the decrease in physical activity has lead to increasing health problems, and obesity costs America hundreds of billions of dollars every year alone, and the issue also is causing problems in other nations and regions as well.

For the most part, animals don’t have access to fast food, and their lifestyle requires them to remain active, but one could pose the question: “What if animals were fat?”

Well, luckily, here’s a photo gallery that shows you how it would go.

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    No shit

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  • Moon_essence1

    Some were effing cute! Some were disturbing! lol

  • gravy

    being overweight is only 1.25 times more likely to die compared to 2 times more likely if you are underweight.

  • These are all photoshoped of course. I have seen very fat dogs and they seem nothing like the one in the picture (#11). Dogs accomulate fat around the belly and back. They become “tanks” when they are fat. They don’t have extra fat in a specific place like we humans do.

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    Eric S, why you don´t put a f*king link to the source, Worth1000, uh? asshole

  • So gravy, given you name I have to ask you. Just how fat ARE you?

  • No way! REALLY?