Funniest Videos in Conan O’Brien History

After his falling out with NBC over the moving of the Tonight Show, Conan O’Brien was prohibited from working for another TV network until September of 2010. After launching his Twitter account and gaining over a million followers within 3 months, O’Brien signed a deal with TBS to begin airing a new show, titled Conan, which is set to premier tonight, November 8th, at 11 EST on TBS.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, we decided to scour the web for the funniest videos in Conan O’Brien history from Late Night and the Tonight Show.

Enjoy the videos, and be sure to check out Conan’s new show, Conan. You can get all the details and stay updated over on Conan’s site, TeamCoco.

Walker Texas Ranger Lever Mashup

The Masturbating Bear

Transit Strike Sketch



Conan Interviewed by 2 Finnish Kids

Recliner Rage

Conan O’Brien vs Jennifer Garner

Conan Ripping on Bill Gates

Funny Conan Moment

The Best Conan O’Brien Moments (Collection)